2020/05/22 Against Censoring Trojka

During last weeks most popular in poland hit list in Polish Radio III there won a song ciritsizing chief of a fulling party in Poland. At 2am radio’s head of music got a text from his boss to get rid of that song for good. 1998th hit list was “canceled” and results disappeared from the internet, and the journalist running the list since 1982 was accused of fraud at counting voices. In the protest agains censorship and those accusations most of journalists resigned from work. Today would be 1999th hit list. There wasn’t. But there were crowds of sad listeners, standing in grief after their favouirite radio station probably dying. After 30 minutes of peacefull standing the police decided to enter the scene and send everybody home – and so they did. A very sad moment in Polish Radio’s history. A very sad moment for all radio’s listeners and hit list fans. That was a Friday’s night ritual. And it’s gone.

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